Why is my AC Running But Not Cooling?


Why is my AC Running But Not Cooling?

Why is my AC Running But Not Cooling?: Couple of points are worse than a malfunctioning air conditioning system in the boiling summer season warmth. There are a couple of ways to troubleshoot your COOLING AND HEATING system if your AC is not blowing cold air. Obviously, it’s constantly wise to speak to a COOLING AND HEATING expert for service and also repair work. Identifying the potential origin of the issue as well as communicating any findings to your specialist helps. This information enables far better prep work for fixing your unit swiftly. Plus, deal with any troubles immediately. Why? Since a broken air conditioning system is not only an aggravation, yet possibly a significant health and wellness problem if temperatures skyrocket.

There are some reasonably usual reasons your AC may have quit working, consisting of:

Power problems
Thermostat issues
Clogged filter
Ice accumulation
Blocked drain
Dirty compressor
Condensate airflow button
Reduced refrigerant degrees
There is hope. Taking care of some problems by yourself stays an alternative. And also, a lot of are quickly repaired by a certified HEATING AND COOLING technician.

Power concerns.

It might seem basic but if your AC is not blowing air, check to guarantee that it’s connected into the electrical outlet appropriately, which the power cord is still intact. If the outlet as well as cable are great, it could be a concern with your electrical panel. A/c unit call for huge rises of power, as well as your device could have blown a fuse or stumbled a breaker. Some devices have overload changes built-in, so make certain you check this as well.

Thermostat concerns.

If all looks great on the power front and your AC is still not blowing cold air, maybe that the thermostat on your system isn’t evaluated an appropriate temperature level. Attempt transforming the dial down all the way, or pushing the buttons to the most affordable setting and also see if that journeys the device to run. If you’re able to, examine to ensure all electrical wiring into the thermostat device (and also any kind of batteries, if relevant) are connected correctly.

Blocked filter.

Some AC systems have a built-in system that shuts the device down if the filter is blocked. This is to prevent damage to the electric motor and getting too hot. It could additionally be that the filter is so clogged up that it’s not allowing for sufficient airflow. Check your system’s filter and clean or change it if necessary.

Ice accumulation.

There are a couple of factors for ice buildup in your AC– dirty coils or filters resulting in bad airflow, or an absence of refrigerant. Try cleansing your air conditioner’s filter as well as the coils to see if enhancing the air movement solutions the trouble. If there is ice build-up, you’ll need to run the device with simply the follower in order to thaw it off. If that doesn’t obtain the device blowing chilly air once more, it could be refrigerant levels are low (see listed below).

Obstructed drainpipe
Air conditioning system remove wetness from the air, with the water commonly draining pipes out a hose or drainpipe pipe which can become clogged with algae, inevitably causing the unit to close down. This is a crucial safety function that prevents water from backing up right into your house or the device as well as causing problems. The piping can sometimes be changed, but can also be cleaned up with a mild bleach remedy.

Unclean compressor
Component of your regular maintenance need to be cleansing the location around your compressor and also covering it for the winter. For many years, leaves, dirt, and various other particles can build up and also quit the unit from running effectively. While some house owners deal with compressor cleansing, employ specialist aid for the best results. This guarantees your unit obtains proper cleaning as well as the appropriate upkeep. Constantly make certain the device is turned off before starting any type of job.

Condensate air flow switch
Some air trainers consist of an integrated safety and security float switch that journeys and also turn off the unit when the drainpipe pipe supports with water. If you inspect and discover that the button has actually tripped, it should be reset after the condenser drain has been cleansed.

Low cooling agent levels
Contrary to popular belief, coolant doesn’t spoil or deplete; a typical factor for an absence of cool air is commonly a cooling agent leakage. Sluggish leaks can trigger refrigerant levels to go down over time, which calls for a check of the lines, as well as a recharge of the system so as to get it blowing cool air again. This must be done by a specialist as a result of the complicated nature of cooling down systems as well as the chemicals involved.


Depending on the age of your device and also the level of job involved, consider upgrading your system. For example, upgrading to a new system makes sense for a more dependable design. An upgrade makes a smart financial investment in certain conditions, such as:

systems older than 10+ years of ages.
consistently experiencing persisting issues.
solutions that set you back more than you’re comfortable paying.
Just like all things in life, the old saying “an ounce of avoidance is worth a pound of treatment” holds true when it pertains to your air condition system as well. By having a professional service technician do annual assessments as well as staying on top of any kind of maintenance concerns, you can assist to prevent any type of prospective AC blackouts.

A certified HEATING AND COOLING specialist guarantees your system continues to be running in good condition. And also, they check the system so it stays compliant with any type of local as well as national building ordinance. When doubtful, get the aid of a certified expert as opposed to take the chance of damaging your system additionally by attempting DIY fixing.

Why is my AC Running But Not Cooling?

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